Patrick R. Rickles

Project Manager and GIS Architect |


I am the Team Lead on Business Intelligence and Spatial Data Science for the HM Courts and Tribunals Service, involved in management and bespoke technology development for information reporting and visualisation for Justices and the Executive Team.

I am also soon finishing a PhD, researching how people from difference disciplines learn and how we may better teach Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

My work builds on a previous career in academia and private sector employment, including Community Engagement, Oil & Gas, Defence Contracting, and Urban Planning. For more information on my work or qualifications, please download and review my credentials and if you would like to know more, check out my Websites and Contact sections or email me.



My research blog, where I discuss my thoughts on topics related to GIS, Education, and Interdisciplinary Research.

GIS Lessons for You

A bespoke tutorial website that tailors teaching materials on GIS to contexts that are relevant to you.




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